SareKon brings the whole business model approach to Telematics IoT. Many indirect suppliers focus on their respective segments of the supply chain. SareKon is one of the most prolific designs of both hardware and software allowing a multitude of products to end users. We design, develop and control the majority of phases that make the difference in your indirect application.

SareKon has built a cloud-based information gathering/delivery platform that can be private labeled and re-packaged for most any application, giving SareKon the ability to work with you as a direct commercial customer, a reseller, or as a direct consumer. Our hardware and software were designed to work in complete unison with each other. In our proprietary system, there are no conflicts that introduce inefficiencies in the performance of information flow.

HelKon 1000 Hardware

SareKon’s hardware comes with 20 years of experience developing and deploying “Core” Telematics IoT data. We engineer our devices for ease of both use and deployment. They come fully featured for numerous markets that require low usage applications. SareKon’s hardware platform gives you industry leading componentry and manufacturing design with numerous testing points to ensure quality and cost efficiency. HelKon 1000 also allows for OTA functionality through SareKon’s proprietary API, ensuring that all upgrades and/or enhancements happen in a timely manner.

Broad Power Range

The device has a voltage range of 6V to 40V which covers all commercial and non-commercial vehicle applications.

Manufacturing Ease

The device is designed with careful consideration for manufacturing costs, passing cost savings on to the user.

OEM Capable Hex/ASCII

Catered to the level of integrator, the device can packet data in Hex or ASCII.

Decision Making in the Device

Numerous decisions such as geo-fencing and crash/hard driving habits are made on the device instead of on the host saving a significant amount of airtime costs.

Packet Protocol Efficient

Data is compressed and optimized for the least amount of transmitted data with the most information in the data, saving airtime costs.

Lithium or Lead Acid Capable

The device has an internal lithium backup battery. If the user requires more time, days or weeks, an external battery of the required capacity can be connected to extend the operation of the device once disconnected from main power.


Internal Antennas

Competitors have moved to small internal antennas that strain to function in poor coverage areas. Our device has internal antennas large enough to work in the poorest of coverage areas without compromising the small size of the device.

Visual Indicators

2 LED indicators validate the installation and operation of the device showing adequate power, good GPS location, and solid cellular communications.


Over the Air Programming

As more features and functionality become available for the device, they can be upgraded over the air with a push of a button on the user login area.


Various Connections Including OBDII

The device is designed for ease of installation. It can be installed with an OBDII cable that fits behind the dash with no wire splicing or cutting. Alternatively, the user can decide to hard-wire with solder, splice, or crimp.


Robust Features

The device has a substantial and powerful feature set for its size and cost. Features can be OTA configured as needed by the user for their specific application.

SareKon is a visionary development company that looks to not only deliver basic customer requirements, but advise and develop to ensure the greatest market efficiency for all users. This efficiency not only includes costs, but reductions to human capital for deployment, servicing needs of product, and data requirements to systems. Our development creates the best environment for you and your customers. Our experience is with a wide variety of data environments, communication methods and design techniques, and a history of partnering with world-class companies to provide added-value services used by businesses around the world.

Technology is just one part of SareKon’s dominance when selecting a partner; we are also experts at integrating technology, so your entire business model is more streamlined. We are very proficient at recognizing and developing for interdepartmental inefficiencies and communication of products to the market.

We believe partnering with SareKon will be more than you had hoped for.

Need support for your hardware shipment?

SareKon can monitor the success of your hardware deployment so that you can rest easy, knowing we  don’t walk away once the shipment is paid for. Contact us anytime for top-notch support.

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