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SareKon has the original founders that started “Core” location-based services. We augmented most of the entities in the industries of Sub-prime, New Car, Powersport, Heavy Equipment and numerous others starting in 2001. While the industry was catering to high-end fleet, SareKon founders decided to mainstream for 98% of the vehicles that could not justify 10x cost points for GPS.

We have always had an advanced vision and implementation in the Core location industry. This is because of our expertise with cellular components/networks, hardware design/manufacturing, backend communication/logic, and operational efficiencies.

While we look ahead, others are trying to catch up with our past.

SareKon has 20 years of experience developing the best companies in the Core location industry. Combine that with our excellence in all aspects of our product; not just in our technology, but also in our design of what the customer truly wants. We believe in performing a function once; once because it does not need to be performed again, it was done the most efficient way known to industry the first time. This reduces our cost and gives you the highest performance and peace of mind.

Our Founders

Ken Wiesner

Ken Wiesner


Bill Northrup

Bill Northrup


Sean Graham

Sean Graham


David Schmidt

David Schmidt


70+ Years of Combined GPS Experience

Our founders have pioneered low usage Telematics applications since early 2000, deploying well over 1M devices.

This success started with Aircept, which mainstreamed numerous market growths including Vehicle Finance, Rental Car, New Car, Heavy Equipment and many others with the most efficient platform. Aircept equipped the industry with private/API layers that spurred many of the partners/competitors in these markets through the last 15 years. The Aircept division was acquired by CalAmp as one of their entrance hardware/software platforms in Telematics.

In 2007, similar founders established Enfotrace which created an advanced platform of products with superior market distribution advantages to become the industry performance leader. Its end users and distributors were empowered  with product success not found in other market providers. Enfotrace later rolled-up in a merger and is part of the entity that is now called Spireon.

More recently, our founding innovators have been developing and perfecting other Telematics technologies.

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