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Helkon Wired Hardware


  • The CATM-connected Helkon device is designed for an easy two wire installation, has a plethora of feature rich capabilities, and provides secure and reliable connectivity with vehicles and assets.

  • Designed by Sarekon, the Helkon series hardware, provides on demand Location with vehicles and assets 24/7, updates automatically, and captures important data along the way.

  • Whether its geofence alerts, payment reminders or impound lot notifications, Helkon hardware is watching even when nobody else is.

Geo Fencing

Identify important geographic areas and receive alerts when a vehicle leaves or enters.

Location On Demand 24/7

Manually access the vehicle’s location in real-time when ever you want.

Low Battery Notification

Access current battery voltage levels and know when it drops below a normal optimal range.

Tow Alerts

Notification that vehicle has moved without ignition start.

Tamper Alert

Notification that power sources have been removed/disconnected and device is being powered by back-up battery.

25-Hour Heartbeat

Automated periodic locate to account for device status.

Detailed Analytics

Verifies employment, residency and top locations while measuring duration.

Impound Alerts & Reports

National Impound database & custom reports.