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SareKon brings a unique business model to the IoT Telematics industry. Whereas most of our competitors focus on niche segments of the supply chain or a specific direct approach to selling to end-users, we believe in being the best partner for all aspects of your telematics business. This means simplification and streamlining for you, as you now have only one partner to integrate with. If you have been a distributor from our team’s past companies, you know how easy it is to work with our solutions and bring success to your Telematics business.

RepliKon Enterprise-Level Features

Designed for partners seeking an efficient and high-quality Telematics solution, RepliKon satisfies any level of need associated with the IoT Telematics supply chain. Our solution can simply supply the raw data from your field deployed devices, so you can manipulate and display the data on your own application, or we can supply you with a private label, where RepliKon does all your necessary automated processing tasks. With most all distributor models, you will enjoy numerous administrative tasks as if it were your own proprietary software.

Hosted Private Label Website

Use our existing websites with your brand and domain.

Private Label Mobile Apps

Redistribute our mobile Android and iOS apps using your brand and logos.

Order Management

Branded customizable online shopping cart available to streamline drop shipping and order tracking.

Bring your own devices (BYOD)

We can integrate your favorite tracking devices into our platform.

Bring your own carrier (BYOC)

Keep devices on your existing cellular carrier.

Bring your own maps (BYOM)

We are happy to integrate your map layers into our application.


API Interface

Connect to our system using a restful JSON API.


Our system makes it easy for us to add the languages that you need, and target users in any locale.

Customer Billing Engine

Use our automated billing solution to invoice your customers for hardware and service.

Do you have what it takes to become a distributor?

Our distributor program is the best in the industry. We carefully vet our distributors to ensure they are able to offer top notch service to their customers. In turn, we provide knowledgeable support and high quality professional software.

We view our distributors not as resellers, but as partners. If approved, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to run an effective and lucrative business. Fill out this brief application and we will consider your approval for a distributor account.

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