With previous entities starting in the early 2000s, SareKon’s founders mainstreamed the Vehicle Finance market’s use of GPS Telematics applications. Back then, the main requirement was to locate an asset when a loan went into a default state. Times have not changed!

SareKon’s application, hardware, and innovative platform features were developed to provide Finance companies and Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealers with unmatched reliability and consistency when implementing a GPS solution for portfolio protection. Utilizing our GPS Telematics – IoT (Internet of Things) solution is proven to grow your loan portfolio, reduce delinquencies, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure Iot protection and utilization. The Vehicle Finance industry deploys over 1M devices annually nationwide. Let us be your solution provider.

Introducing HelKon

Designed for portfolio protection, HelKon is built to minimize the challenges dealers and lenders face today. HelKon allows you to efficiently perform the tasks that are important for your loan portfolio peace-of-mind. It contains all the features you need, allowing you to control your GPS devices with SareKon’s web and mobile application interfaces. Our features are easy to use, and we continue to develop and deploy new features you need for your business.

Geo Fencing

Identify important geographic areas and receive alerts when a vehicle leaves or enters.

Location on Demand 24/7

Manually access the vehicle’s location in real-time when ever you want.


Low Battery Notification

Access current battery voltage levels and know when it drops below a normal optimal range.


Tow Alerts

Notification that vehicle has moved without ignition start.

Tamper Alert

Notification that power sources have been removed/disconnected and device is being powered by back-up battery.

25-hour Heartbeat

Automated periodic locate to account for device status.

Repo Mode

One-click repo mode when you need to use it.

History Report

All alert/location information associated with the vehicle.

Ignition on/off

Documents vehicle location/duration.

Automatic Power Saving Mode

Automatically goes into a low voltage range after ignition- off to preserve battery life.

Store and Forward

Ensures data delivery after being in limited cellular areas.


Abandon Vehicle

Alerts user of vehicle without ignition start for extend duration.

Starter Interrupt

On-demand ability to send command to interrupt vehicle starter once a vehicle has stopped.

Top Stop Mapping

Documents locations most frequently stopped at.

Installation App

Quickly scan the VIN and device serial number to assign devices at installation.

Payment Reminder

In-vehicle Payment Reminder via Audible Alert.


Impound Lot Notification

Receive a notification when a vehicle is impounded.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile user capabilities for all modern devices.

Always Leading/Ever Evolving

Major Releases Coming in 2020!

We believe in improving and continuing to build upon the features in our app, so our customers can feel the full benefit of our product now and into the future. The following features are in the pipeline and are planned for deployment soon.

Scheduled Payment Reminder

Payment reminders sent on a schedule of your choosing.

Impound Lot Notification

Impound Lot National Database currently being implemented.

Custom Dashboard

Customization Dashboards with Metrics.

Want a Specific Feature Not Listed Here?

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the tools they need. Let us know what you’re looking for in a GPS app, and we will consider building those features into our app.

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