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Reduce Delinquencies

Analytical Forcasting

Collection departments have the difficult task of targeting consumers in effort to address delinquencies. Sarekon analytics allow for collection teams to identify specific times that contact highly probable by automatically providing the percentage likelihood of the consumer being at a specific location at any given time,

Starter Interupt

If necessary, disable a vehicle remotely prior to its recovery. To ensure safety, activate auto disable to choose the safest location to initiate this action.  Sarekon identifies top locations and will disable the vehicle only when the vehicle reaches that location and it’s safe to do so, then alerting that the vehicle has reached the specific location and is now inoperable. This feature is optional.  

Audible Reminders

Easily activate an audible alert that reminds customers that a payment is overdue. Every time the vehicle’s ignition is turned on, an audible noise will activate for a duration of 30 seconds. All Helkon devices are equipped with this feature, but utilization is optional.

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