What we do

Rapid Vehicle Recovery

Recovery Links

Send mobile friendly links via SMS or email to authorized repo agents, sharing real-time location information and history without exposing personal sensitive data. Links can be set to expire in 24 hours and up to 30 days to maintain security and privacy.

Impound Lot Alerts

Within Sarekon’s A2 platform, idenfied are over 10,600 impound lots across the nation. Sarekon automatically alerts dealers in the event that an asset has entered one of these locations, allowing prompt response and a reduction in imposed fees. Other important identified locations plotted on the A2 platform include indian reservations and military bases.


Sarekon allows you to activate surveillance mode on vehicles that are out for repossession, which alerts recovery agents via text on vehicle movement to maximize recovery efforts, reduce costs, and save time.

Geo Fence Alerts

Identify and create important compliance boundaries and stay proactive if a vehicle violates these boundaries. Whether it be a state, city, or regional, Sarekon allows for the creation of custom specific parameters and alerts associated with valued assets breaching them.