What we do

Fraud Protection

Sarekon Analytics

Whether it be for loan stipulations or identifying pattern changes, Sarekon automatically captures detailed analytics, allowing dealers to verify places of employment, residency, frequented locations, which reveals pattern changes that may occur over the course of financing that may raise concern.

Vehicle Abandonment

A vehicle not being utilized can ultimately correlate with delinquincy rates defaults. Sarekon alerts dealers when the status of a vehicle hasn’t changed in a period of 7 days, allowing for quick recovery and minimal reposession/reconditioning expenses.

Vehicle Management

As a portfolio grows, it becomes more difficult to manage assets/portfolios on a case by case basis. Sarekon gives dealers the ability to identify issues collectively by identifying impound lot violations, geo fence alerts, as well as device tampering, all through daily reporting and interface alarms. Sarekon takes it a step further, by automatically identifying inventory statuses, so management knows which devices have been installed, not installed, financed, or still on the shelf, making it easier to manage device allocation and reordering.