SareKon’s current products/designs will migrate to future enhancements incorporating many planned releases over the coming year. Each release will benefit our customer’s industry on a variety of levels. From state of the art industry leading hardware manufacturing, fulfillment to the implementation process, culminating with a user interface that allows for ease of use, and complete product performance/understanding. SareKon is one of the only companies backed with virtually a century of combined leadership experience in core Telematics IoT with the highest performance levels, customer satisfaction, and company success. We meet the growing demands of the Telematics IoT industry today and tomorrow.

Don’t Buy into relying on Historical Locates!

Does YOUR GPS COMPANY make you use historic locates to manage your business instead of live locates? Putting your PORTFOLIO AT RISK can become a reality if you are NOT able to highlight a vehicle and see where it is in REAL TIME. Be concerned if you are being led to...

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Tampered with or Installed Incorrectly?!

All too often it's been said that a GPS device isn't functioning properly because of tampering or installation issues. Installation is crucial to successful implementation, and customer tampering can always be a possibility, but if devices are consistently coming back...

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