From innovative vision in the GPS telematics environment, Sarekon specializes in reducing risk, ensuring safety for individuals, and helping businesses grow through connectivity.

Connecting People, Places & Things

We provide an extensive
range of solutions…

Sarekon BHPH/Lenders/Banks

Improve loan performance, minimize risk and collect important analytical data for collection purposes.
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Sarekon Franchise Dealerships
Franchise Dealerships

Improve lot management and increase profits through F&I.
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Sarekon Consumer

Protect your vehicle, yourself, and your loved ones with Sempermatics by Sarekon.
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Fleet Management Assets
Fleet Management & Assets

Reduce fleet operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently, while protecting your assets.
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Private Label & Agent Relationships
Private Label & Agent Relationships

Resellers and Agents that are looking to provide B2B GPS solutions, Sarekon delivers a plethora of telematics capabilities.
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Sarekon Products

Sarekon provides the most reliable real-time tracking devices that ensure asset security, immediate vehicle recovery, and reduced delinquencies. Our robust IoT telematics platform, reliable hardware, and experienced personnel, have allowed Sarekon to emerge as the top GPS Provider with over 20 years of experience, and millions of deployed devices.


Sarekon’s 19th Generation 2-wire GPS Tracking device sets the bar for design and functionality. Learn more…


Sarekon’s wireless device comes with a battery life span of over 2500+ commands, and daily-status updates. No wires and it installs in a flash. Learn more…

A2 Software

Sarekon’s A2 IoT software was designed to meet the demand for technology evolution, prioritize data security and built to scale for customer growth. Learn more…

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